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Unique bowls and buckets for newborn photo shoots in our shop are ideal for both professional and amateur photography sessions. Most of them are styled in a vintage style, adding a touch of charm to each scene. All available products are adapted to the small body size of a baby and have been prepared by hand, thanks to which each of them is unique, exceptional and unrepeatable.

IF YOU ARE USING THIS ITEM AS A PHOTO PROP please never leave a baby unattended.


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About bowls and buckets

Bowls for newborn photo shoot are unique, handmade props, which will be loved by professional photographers, as well as those who are just about to become them. They can also be successfully used by people, who want to capture the first months of their child’s life with a smartphone or digital camera and get an original effect. Their unique aesthetic appearance will surely delight lovers of vintage style and folklore, especially the one given in a slightly modernized version. Hand-painted bowls are made of metal, so that they are stable and your child will feel comfortable and safe in them.

Buckets for a newborn shoot will become a valuable element of any composition, giving the character of photo taken. They will beautifully emphasize the small body structure of a newborn and will bring to the foreground its charm, vulnerability and fragility.

The bowls and buckets in our shop were designed by a professional photographer, so that they look very well in different angles of photography and give a great compositional possibility. They can be combined with a variety of accessories and accents, depending on individual needs and preferences. Each product has been prepared by hand, making it unique and exceptional.

In our offer you will also find wooden bowls for photo shoots, which visually combine rustic, Scandinavian, minimalist and vintage style. Thanks to their high visual flexibility, anyone can give them a desired character, combining them with selected and thematic accessories.

Props available in our shop will be suitable for both newborn girls’ and boys’ sessions. Their warm, classic, pastel colors beautifully correspond to the color of baby’s skin, they are delicate, but at the same time their character is unquestionable. Bowl with Christmas motifs will be very well fitted during winter sessions, but there are no contraindications to use them also as an element of home decoration or as an original Christmas gift packaging. From each bowl or bucket you can also obtain an original space for potted plants, which in combination with the unique shape and color of bowl or bucket, will become a decoration of any space in which they will be placed.

Remember that each customer has different monitors settings, so that the real color and appearance of bowls and buckets may slightly differ from the one shown in photos. If you are interested in a different composition of colors, consistent with individual needs and ideas, we encourage you to contact us, we will be happy to undertake this task.