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Our online shop is a place created for both professional and amateur photographers. Here you will find high quality wooden beds – ideal accessories for newborn and child photography, as well as original photographic props and gadgets for photo shoots. Their beautiful aesthetic appearance and above all great functionality, wooden cribs owe it to the fact that they were created on the basis of a project created by a photographer experienced in newborn and infant sessions. Years of knowledge and hundreds of valuable shots have enabled to create products that perfectly fill different styles and are unique details that can be seen from many different angles of photography. All of the wooden beds available in our shop will surely fit well during newborn and children’s photo shoots, because apart from their irresistible visual charm, they are stable, safe and comfortable. Most of wooden photographic props available here are styled in a vintage style, which perfectly harmonizes with the photos from the newborn session. All photographic accessories and gadgets for children’s shoots are made by hand, which is their next unquestionable asset.
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Wooden beds

At our shop you will find wooden beds for newborn and children sessions. They are hand-made, entirely of wood. Thanks to that each product is unique. Depending on the model, they will be perfect for photos of newborns or children, who can sit by themselves.

Our beds are fully handmade, we gave them an old-fashioned look. In this instance, the ordered product may slightly differ from the picture.


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Wooden newborn props

High quality wooden beds in our shop are unique photographic props, and at the same time valuable gadgets for photo shoots, newborn shoots, children’s shoots and babies’ sessions. Wooden children’s cribs were created on the basis of an original project, created by an experienced photographer. Each of products in our store has been made by hand, using good quality materials and with high attention to details. Wooden beds offered by us will be a perfect complement to the photo shoot, as they present perfectly in various angles of photography, and their unusual aesthetic appearance, mostly stylized on vintage, will make them a valuable element of any photo shoot. Using them as a photo shoot props, you can obtain original photos that will be a unique souvenir. They are dedicated both to professional photographers, as well as those who are just taking their first steps in the world of photography and looking for unique props for children’s photography, which will facilitate taking unique and interesting photos, and help to build a beautiful composition of space, create many valuable scenes.

Wooden beds available in our online shop are double-sided (first three cribs) and single-sided (other models). Their variety of visuals and colors makes it easy to find the model that best meets individual expectations and needs. There are props for Christmas photo shoots, maintained in a rustic atmosphere, corresponding to particular seasons of the year, referring to the Scandinavian style and to those minimalistic or filled with the charm and magic of the children’s world. In our offer you will find beautiful cribs with Christmas, forest and floral motifs, as well as cribs in various, pastel, warm or expressive colors. These products will be great for both girls’ and boys’ photo sessions. They have various shapes – minimalist, classical, modern, artistic, Scandinavian or folklore evocative. Wooden beds have been designed as props for newborn photo shoots, but some of them will also be suitable for a sitting baby.

Exceptional gadgets for newborn and infant photo shoots available in our shop have one more unquestionable advantage. They are stable and therefore also safe for babies. Their construction makes the children feel comfortable on them and they can easily be captured by the photographer. Gadgets for a photo shoot – wooden beds – included in our offer, can be decorated in any way, so as to give them the desired character. Thanks to their diverse structure, colors and form, they can easily adapt to many accessories, thus creating a visually coherent whole. Due to their size adjusted to the body of an infant or newborn baby, they will emphasize its body structure and let us immortalize this unique period in the child’s life, when it is dependent, small, fragile, defenseless and filled with unforced sweetness. The photo containing this unique gadget for the infant and newborn photo shoot will surely become a valuable souvenir to which you will return with a tear of emotion in your eye.

Wooden beds are a valuable accessory for a photo shoot, but there is no reason why they should be used outside the photo studio. They can become an original decoration of the arrangement of child’s room or other room, which will complement their irresistible visual charm. The only limitation in this respect is our imagination.

Thanks to the fact that wooden props for infant and newborn photography in our offer are made by hand, it is possible to make them in other, preferred colors. If you are interested in such a solution, we encourage you to send us an inquiry. Photos from children’s sessions on our shop’s website are subject to graphic processing and were taken in various lighting conditions, so that their real color may differ from that shown in the product images.