Photo props for newborns and toodlers.
We ship our newborn photography props to whole Europe, USA and Russia.

About us

About us

Our company

We are a small family company, we put our heart in the making process in each and every baby photoshoot prop. We hope that you, photographers and your clients will admire it. We are happy with the fact that our work is artistically fulfilling.

In the process of creating we pay attention to the quality, aesthetic, baby’s safety and comfort. We couldn’t take care of it all without our amazing team:

Magda – Baby’s photographer and designer

Mr Waldek – the fabulous carpenter who brings all our whims to life

Mrs Ela – she goes beyond and above to create all these woollen beauties

Piotr – he’s responsible for the whole technical aspects

Every purchase fill our hearts with joy because we know that what we do is significant and people appreciate the beauty of handmade products, especially in an era of pervasive mass-produced goods!

Quality is what matters

We know that high quality props mean great pictures. That is why we pay a lot of attention to materials used in the process of creating props. What’s more, we put a lot of work in their creation.

Wood we use is new, and hence it is free from parasites or fungi. What’s more, it is properly dried, thanks to which it should’t crack with time or deform. Thick and heavy planks we use make our beds stable and our floors solid.

We like natural materials

Our clothes, hats, and wrappings are made of high quality wool and textile, which is nice and pleasant in touch, and what is extremely important – not irritating!


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