Photo props for newborns and toodlers.
We ship our newborn photography props to whole Europe, USA and Russia.

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About our newborn photography props

We invite you to the world, where each and every newborn and child photographer will take a moment and spend some time here. This is the world of hand-made accessories for sessions that will make your pictures even more beautiful.

In studio, posed sessions, newborn and child props are essential elements thanks to which one can create magnificent scenography and give the picture a unique climate. Every studio that deals with this type of photography offers props that fill the shelves, enjoying the eyes of customers and convincing them that their session will be beautiful, and the photographer they chose is a professional.

Our accessories for children and newborn photography are designed based on acquired knowledge and experience. We also specialize in photography, thanks to which our props have the right size, weight, and quality. Before we make any accessory and we think about the idea itself, we ask ourselves some essential questions in order to make sure that the product will be safe, comfortable, and attractive, and when used during session, it won’t outshine the child, because it is him or her, who is the most important during the session. We test some of the patterns in practice. You can see these at our fan page on Facebook or Instagram.

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We put a lot of efforts and commitment just to make sure you receive the product of the highest quality and that the investment in our session gadgets will have an impact on astonishing photos. Our accessories for newborn, newborn, and child photography are made of high quality materials, taking into account their safe construction. We don’t want to make single-use products that won’t be capable of holding out more than a few sessions.

We are good at making wooden beds, together with wooden photographic backgrounds. However, our offer also includes other accessories for sessions such as hats, wrappings and children benches. Most of our props is available immediately. If not, there is an option to make an order and we will make it for you.

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