Photo props for newborns and toodlers.
We ship our newborn photography props to whole Europe, USA and Russia.

New product – Vintage bed

Wooden bed carved offered in our shop is a unique props for newborn and baby photo shoots. Older, sitting alone children can also be photographed there. In addition to their unique style, they are characterized by the fact that they provide comfort to the photographed toddlers. This gadget will be suitable both for professional photographers, who are looking for a way to enrich and enhance the aesthetic value of their newborn photo shoots, as well as for amateur photographers who are just beginning their adventure with the camera and want to build an attractive portfolio for future clients.

Wooden bed carved by hand with the use of high quality wood. They are hand-painted and then rubbed, which are stylized to look like an old one. Both the head and front of beds are decorated with beautiful carvings, which enhance the aesthetic value of the whole product. The unique coloring of this product is also noteworthy. It easily combi nes with a variety of accessories, items and color accents.

Bed carved in wood was designed by a professional photographer, who has a great understanding of the needs of people working in the same profession. Thanks to this, the product looks great in different angles of photography, enables to create many compositions, gives great stylistic possibilities and naturally enriches each frame taken. This product photo on our shop’s website has been subjected to graphic processing, bed is hand-painted and made, thanks to which it is one of a kind and unique, and the purchased product may be a little bit different from the one visible in a photo (shade, abrasions found in other places).

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