Photo props for newborns and toodlers.
We ship our newborn photography props to whole Europe, USA and Russia.

About our hats

Hats, which are included in our shop’s offer, will not only complete every photograph, but also cover the baby’s head and will be friendly to their skin, because they are made of good quality materials, not irritating delicate heads of toddlers. In an unforced way they will add charm to each frame.

Photo session hats in our shop have been designed by a professional photographer, who fully understands the needs of people behind the camera. These products are so flexible that they can be perfectly combined with a number of different accessories, can be taken from different angles, and can be subjected to various graphic processing. In a natural and unforced way they give character to each photo taken, they blend beautifully with the baby’s skin color; highlight its small size, delicacy, subtlety and fragility. With their help you can take photos that will be a moving memory of the first weeks of a child’s life, when it is still vulnerable and completely dependent on adults.
Session hats in our offer include bonnets, hats with teddy bear ears (teddy bonnets) and dwarves’ hats. All products are made of good quality materials, which are friendly to the delicate skin of a child, do not irritate it, do not itch and are soft. The best yarn, merino wool and alpaca, sometimes also silk were used to make them. Selection of these materials was made to take care of the well-being of a child during the photo shoot.

Furry hats, which visually resemble mohair, thanks to the use of a suitable type of yarn, are soft and do not itch, so they do not cause discomfort to the baby. Boucle hats fit perfectly with blankets and curls. Each of products available in our offer beautifully combines with other props for photo shoots. It is possible thanks to the fact that all hats are kept in subdued, warm and pastel colors, which harmonizes both with expressive and strong colors, as well as with those visually similar to them. All hats are handmade, thanks to which they are characterized by great attention to every detail, they are unique and unforgettable, and at the same time they are in line with the latest trends, combining classics and modernity.

Hats available in our shop for infant and newborn shoots, apart from their standard use – as a props, can also be used as a unique and original gift for a baby shower, a star gift for future parents, or a unique hat, which will decorate the child’s head on an autumn walk. Young parents can use them to take unique photos, which will be a visual record of the child’s first moments, one to which you will return with tears of emotion in your eyes. Professional photographers using them in their photos can obtain a unique composition that will conquer the photograph and give it an original, warm character.

Product photos on our shop’s website are subject to graphic processing, which makes the real image of hats a little bit different from the one shown in photos. If you haven’t found in our offer your newborn session hat in the shade and color you are looking for, please contact us, we will certainly be able to help you.


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