Vintage bed


Vintage inspired, lovely, handcrafted little bed made with solid pine wood. Specially designed for posing and photographing newborn babies. Also can be used for SITTERS TOO!

Bed is simply adorable and can be used in a variety of ways.

Special bed for newborns photoshoots, milled head and front. We designed and made this be with such care and attention which makes it one of our favourite baby furniture.

This bed is made from solid wood, heavy and stable. It looks beautiful in pictures.

Available in many colours. Antique look.

Dimension 33 cm x 43 cm x 33 cm (headboard hight)



Wooden bed in our shop’s offer is a top quality hand-made product, which will meet expectations of even the most demanding customers. beds are characterized by a unique style, combining timeless classics and the latest trends. They visually refer to the vintage style, which is beautifully combined with folklore in a modern version. Any colors of this product makes it easy to combine with a variety of accessories, colors, items. It perfectly fits both with colors similar to it, as well as with those strong and expressive.

This bed is made of high quality wood, which has been hand-painted and styled to look like an old one. The abrasive brushes also add a touch of charm and make it unique, exceptional and one of a kind. Both the head and front of beds are decorated with unusual carvings that add character and elegance to the whole product. The size of beds has been ideally adapted to the small body of a baby or newborn, but it can also be used in photo shoots of a slightly older, already sitting child on its own. This unique props for photography sessions will enrich each photo, emphasizing the charm and defenselessness of a child.

Wooden bed made by hand was designed by a professional photographer, who perfectly understands the needs of the photography world. bed looks beautifully from different angles of photography, and with its help you can create a variety of compositions. Its additional advantage is that it can be used both in a girl’s and boy’s session.
All products available in our shop’s offer are hand-made, so they are unique. It also means that the ordered bed can be slightly different from the one shown in a product photo (e.g. abrasive brushes can be found in other places). It should also be remembered that those photos have been graphically processed.

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