Mini crib


Beautiful, yet simple crib designed mostly for the newborn photoshoots. Its uncomplicated shape will ideally fit in every photo studio. It’s perfect for both, minimalist and maximalist photoshoot.

This baby crib is handmade, entirely wooden.

The crib is a photo shoot accessory only, it’s not made for sleeping.

Sold without blankets.

Size: 40 x32 cm



Small newborn cribs is a unique photographic props, which will be perfect for baby photo shoots, although it can also be successfully used in case of slightly older children, those who can already sit on their own. This product from our shop has been designed to emphasize and highlight the magic, fragility and charm of a child awakening to a conscious life, the world. The size of cribs is adapted to the small body of a child.

The small crib in our shop’s offer has been prepared by hand, using high quality wood. Wood has been protected in such a way that it is safe for the child and provides with comfort and a sense of safety during a photo shoot. The whole thing is hand-made and decorated in a classic form, which is elegant and timeless at the same time. The universal design of this product makes it easy to combine with many different accents, accessories, items and colors. The only limitation seems to be the photographer’s imagination, because the cribs design is so flexible that, regardless of the elements combined with it, will create a visually coherent and valuable whole.

Wooden, hand-made small children’s crib is a high quality props for newborn and baby photo shoots, in which you can take pictures of both small boys and girls. This product is based on a design prepared by professional photographer, so when you order it, you can be sure that it will look great regardless of the angle of photography and light.

The product photo on our shop’s website has been subjected to graphic processing, and the crib is hand-made, so that the ordered product may slightly differ from the one shown in our photo.


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