Photo props for newborns and toodlers.
We ship our newborn photography props to whole Europe, USA and Russia.

About wraps at Plumprops

Wraps for newborn photo shoots are unique products that will be used by both professionals and those who are just beginning their careers in the fascinating world of children’s photography. They are made of the best quality materials, while maintaining great care for their attractive visual appearance. Wraps are most often used to wrap newborn babies in charming cocoons, which emphasize the small size of babies, their subtlety, charm and fragility. Using them during a photo shoot will allow you to create a unique composition that will give character to the whole photo. Their great advantage, apart from their visual qualities, is also that they help to calm down the anxious baby, provide a sense of security and warm cover.

Wraps for newborn photo shoots available in our store are high quality products that can be used as props for newborn photography. Their warm, pastel colors blend beautifully with the skin color of the little one, giving the whole composition charm and unique character. They can be used by professional photographers, as well as amateur photographers, who are just beginning to explore the secrets of world photography. With their help you can take photos that will become a moving heart souvenir of the child’s first period of life, they will enable you to capture its dependence, tenderness, subtlety and unforced sweetness.

Wraps in our shop are made of good quality materials, which do not irritate delicate baby’s skin, are soft and do not itch. This effect was achieved by using high quality wool (in case of wool wraps), as well as jersey fabric, which is extremely pleasant to the touch. Both materials are flexible, so they adapt beautifully to the small size of the baby’s body. In our shop there are available both wraps and kits, which apart from them also include caps and bands. Thanks to a wide range of products, everyone will find such a product that best fits their individual needs, ideas and expectations.

Wraps available in our shop are maintained in a variety of colors, so they are suitable for both newborn girls and boys. Some of them are pastel, classic, subdued, while others are expressive and strong, which gives great compositional possibilities by combining them with many different accessories. In our offer you can find wraps made of yarn, as well as those made of jersey, each of them has a different visual appearance, structure and arrangement possibilities. They are available as independent elements or as an element of aesthetically coherent set, which will be beautifully composed with the color of your baby’s skin.

Newborn session wraps are most often used by photographers to wrap babies in charming cocoons. Apart from the visual qualities, this solution makes the child feel comfortable, safe and calm. Combination of a wrap with cap, band or curls enables to create a consistent styling that will decorate each photo and give it an original character, consistent with the magical world of the child.

Wraps for photo shoots of newborn girls and boys, apart from their standard use as a gadget for photography, can also be used as an original idea for a gift for parents waiting for a child or for a friend, who builds a love for photography and masters his workshop. With their use, even a picture taken at home, with a smartphone, will obtain an original atmosphere and will become a beautiful souvenir of this unique period in the child’s life.
Wraps’ photos on our shop’s website have been subjected to graphic processing, so that their actual appearance and color may differ a little bit. If you have not found the color variant you are looking for, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

WOOLEN WRAPS -stretchable

COTTON WRAPS – unstretchable


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