Photo props for newborns and toodlers.
We ship our newborn photography props to whole Europe, USA and Russia.

Our new product – Wooden bed with moons


Wooden bed with moons made of good quality wood is a unique props for photo shoots, which will meet the expectations of both professional photographers and people, who are just beginning their adventure with the camera. This product has been prepared with great care for every detail and hand-made, thanks to which each bed is unique and one of a kind. Thanks to the use of high quality wood, it is stable, resistant and durable. Another advantage is that it provides comfort for the child photographed on it.

Wooden bed will be perfect for newborn and baby photo shoots, but it can also be used for older children sitting on their own. Due to its classic and subdued colors, it will be suitable for both girls and boys while taking photos. Its size is adapted to the small body of a baby, which enables to emphasize the charm, sweetness and magic of the infant world. Wooden bed is characterized by original style, which efficiently mixes vintage style and popular folklore. A lunar pattern has been cut on the head of beds, which increases the aesthetic value of this product. On the front there is also a lunar motif, but this time it is convex. Visually, the bed resembles a cradle.

The product in our shop’s offer was designed by an experienced and professional photographer, which makes it a great fit at different angles of shooting. Due to its classic style, it combines perfectly with a variety of accessories and color accents. It naturally builds each photo and gives it a note of charm.

Wooden bed with cradle-like moon motifs on the head and front is a high quality props that will add value to the equipment of any photo studio. When buying beds you should remember that the product photo on our shop’s website has been subjected to graphic processing, and the whole thing is hand-made, so that the purchased product may be slightly different from the one shown in our photo.

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