Mini bed II – any color


Simple wooden mini bed for newborn potographers, gently vintage.

Size: 26 x 41 cm (10x 16″)

Hight: 30 cm and 15 cm front (12 and 6″)



Mini bed for newborn and children’s photo shoots in our online shop is a product that will be loved by professional photographers and those who are just beginning their adventure with the camera and this type of photo shoots. In an original way it will enrich each photo and give it a unique character. This product builds the composition of the whole photo, thus enabling to take many good and valuable frames, showing the magic of a childish and defenseless world.

Mini wooden bed is a response to world trends in the field of newborn photography. Its unique visual appearance brings to mind the currently extremely popular vintage style. Painting wood for example in mint color makes the product stand out from the competition, is original and aesthetically interesting. There are many abrasions on the bed, which make it look as if it was touched by the passage of time. This stylistic treatment brings to mind folklore. bed is small and perfectly adapted to the small body size of the little one. Pastel shade beautifully blends with the color of the baby’s skin. Subdued colors of beds makes it easy to combine with any colors, accents and accessories, and will always look consistent.

Mini wooden bed from our shop was designed by a professional photographer, thanks to which it looks great in different shots, different angles of shooting and different stylistic compositions. It is made of good quality wood, which ensures stability, reliability and durability, at the same time providing comfort for the child photographed on it. This product is a photographic props, which can also be used as an element of home space arrangement or a unique and interesting gift for kinderparty.

The product purchased in our shop may be slightly different from the one visible in the product photo (e.g. abrasive brushes can be found in other places), this is because the photo has been subjected to graphic processing, and the product is made entirely by hand.

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Dimensions0.000000 × 0.000000 × 0.000000 cm

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