Bed with a moon


Baby bed with the moon symbol.

The wooden bed with the carved out moon symbol on the head, and cute moon on the front.

It’ll perfectly fit as a photoshoot props.

Our baby bed are fully handmade, we gave it an old-fashioned look.

Dimensions: 33 cm x 44 cm x 28 cm (12,5 in x 17.5 in x 11 in).



Wooden bed with moons is a high quality photographic props, which enables to take unique and visually beautiful photos of babies and newborn. This product is made of high quality wood, which ensures high stability and reliability. It was made by hand, based on a project coming from a professional photographer, which makes each bed in our shop’s offer unique and one of a kind. Apart from the irresistible visual charm, the bed provides comfort for the child photographed on it, which is another of its advantages.

Wooden children’s bed in our shop’s offer is characterized by a unique aesthetics, which refers to the vintage style, in an efficient and skillful way mixed with motifs taken from folklore. The product resembles a cradle and stands out from the competition with its unique colors, which in a beautiful way corresponds to the color of newborn skin. Pastel shade of any colors will be perfect for both girl’s and boys’ photo sessions. Thanks to its subdued colors, it will combine with various accents and accessories, which will be introduced by the photographer to the final composition that builds the photo. Noteworthy are also the details that have been applied to the bed – cradle. Both on the headrest (cut out) and on the front of beds (convex) there is a moon motif.

Wooden child’s bed with a moon motif, visually reminiscent of a cradle, was designed by an experienced photographer, who took many newborn and baby photo shoots, thanks to which it looks beautiful from many angles of photography and naturally builds the character of each frame and shot. Due to the fact that this bed is hand-made and the product photo on our website is subject to graphic processing, the ordered product may differ slightly from the one shown in our photo (e.g. abrasive brushes can be found in other places, the shade of any colors may also differ).

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